Single type gliding competition

Today, 23rd August, the weather was just right for flying our electrified Caprice gliders so we held our single type competition for the first time in quite some weeks. Six of us were able to take part due to some being unavailable at short notice and one model deciding it didn’t want to behave in the air.

The six of us lined up and using a 30 second motor run to climb we launched our models into the blue sky. The first two to land were eliminated from the competition, the remaining four landed and after a short break launched again and once again the first two down were eliminated. This left two to fly, Mark and Robin. The lift was good for the most part but when the lift disappeared the models headed earthwards at quite a pace. Unfortunately for Mark, Robin was in the right place when some lift reappeared whilst Mark headed in to land so today’s winner was Robin.

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