Rotary Wing

At Poling we have all sorts of helicopter flyers from novice under training to top level 3d flying where the pilots turn a helicopter inside out and upside down with awe inspiring stunts and impressive flying.

We advise starting with a simulator to get the hang of flying and without the fear of crashing, we also advise getting a small indoor stable helicopter to get the hang of it prior to having a go on the club trainer helicopters.

With novice flyers we start them off with a set of training undercarriage fixed on as you will see in the pictures, and with an instructor on a buddy box system so that he can take over if the student gets into trouble.


Students then move on to getting an older low cost helicopter like a Thunder Tiger Raptor 30 size , again with training gear on until confidence and skill grows and he passes his proficiency tests.

The modern trend Is for electric helicopters although some prefer nitro IC engine ones.
Whatever you end up with be it an older Raptor , a scale helicopter or a top of the range 3D one its all about having fun and a smile on your face when you finish for the day.

You may choose to start with a drone as the are stable and land at your feet with a press of a button, a typical use is for aerial photography if that is what you like.

You will see from the pictures we have a rather nice dedicated field for rotary winged craft only , the field users keep things in good order with mowing and re doing the safety lines when needed.

If you would like to have a go then get in touch with our training coordinator Ben Devisio you will find his contact details within the web pages.