• If you are on page 6, say, of the Gallery and you click on a photo to view it larger you may be disappointed to find that when you close the photo you are not taken back to page 6 but to page 1. There is an easy way to avoid this: right click with your mouse and you will see a contextual menu (basically a list of choices). Click on Open Link in New Tab and the photo will open in, you’ve guessed it!, a new tab. Now, when you close this tab you are taken back to where you were, i.e. page 6 of the Gallery.
• If you see a photo that you would like a copy of, for example if it is a photo of your model, again right-click with the mouse but this time choose Save Image to ‘’Downloads’’. The photo will be saved in the Downloads folder on your computer as a JPG file. Please note that you should respect copyright © and should not place the photo anywhere other than on your own computer, e.g. do not place on social media, etc without the photographer’s permission.
• Another option when right-clicking your mouse is Use Image as Desktop Picture. This is rather fun. Why not build up a small library of your favourite photos which you can then set up to change daily, randomly, or however you wish!
• Although we have several hundred photos in the Gallery it is important that we continue to add to it so as to keep it fresh. If you have some photos you would like placed in the Gallery please contact the Webmaster, Robin Strange, robin.srfc@gmail.com .
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