November Club Night

The evening was split into two parts:

Builder’s Trophy

Club members had been asked to bring along models they wished to put into the annual Builder’s Trophy but regrettably only two were brought along.

Les Crane’s Hawker Tempest V

Mark Vale’s Hot Dawg


Club member Derek Woodley gave us a talk on a typical flight from London Heathrow to New York’s JFK; on a previous talk he had given a technical presentation.

The talk was expected to last just half the evening but in the event the evening was taken up with this very interesting subject with many questions being asked by the audience. Derek used some general presentation material to give his talk structure with a number of videos and photos to go with it.

Takeoff and climb out

First Officer’s view

Pilot’s Instrument Panel

Flight Deck with Captain and First Officer up front and Flight Engineer on the RHS.

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