Glider Competition Results 2021

The club’s eGliding competition began on May 13th and the results are shown below:

2021 eGliding Results

 TotalMay 13May 13May 27May 27June 10June 10June 24June 24July 8July 8July 22July 22Aug 5Aug 5Aug 19Aug 19Sept 2Sept 2Sept 16Sept 16
Rounds (2 per week)R1R2R1R2R1R2R1R2R1R2R1R2R1R2R1R2R1R2R1R2
Robin STRANGE595310001000100095310001000
Clive UPPERTON5196980945968850717736
John IVORY50197029159157451000742
Keith MILES44921499806128908611000
Jonathan HALFORD42565407195901000714693
Chris FOSS388210001000100088200
Ivan THOMAS241321355280908930
Paul GLADSTONE207365120486835000
Derek WOODLEY196600966100000
George EVANS22402240000