The club’s eGliding competition began in April but thanks to the weather in late April and May there have been far less competition days than normal. The competition format has also been changed from a purely time limited power to both an height limit and time limited power segment with a height limit of 150 metres and a motor run time of 30 secs.:

April 14June 9June 23July 7July 21Aug 4Aug 18Sept 15
Mark Vale11691100010008499828786951000100010009564179141000
Clive Upperton93817987911000001000100071010009525241000606
John Ivory91908650939100066263184961210001000840792
Robin Strange832179810006878266548849329836050952
George Evans7622520515933830884791924805496924
Paul Gladstone6683911875531964508965601705623
Derek Woodley57871000884100090310001000
Keith Miles4946889719833470784477774
Jonathan Halford372992980010001000
Ivan Thomas666347319