The SRFC gliding guiders fly at Coombes, Ashurst and at local slope soaring sites.  E-gliding thermal soarers are the most popular in the club varying from 1500mm to 3600mm spans and come in a variety of types from EPP to balsa and glass ships.







The aim in the group is to encourage participation in the art of gliding and it doesn’t matter what it is you are flying, just enjoy yourself, try to improve and join in the competitions when we run them. Unfortunately as I write this in 2020 we aren’t running any competitions thanks to the COVID-19 situation but we dream that in 2021 we can again run competitions on alternate weeks from April to September at Coombes on a Thursday and once a month at Ashurst.

Slope soaring has been popular in the club recently and we are lucky to have so many locations on our doorstep. The Slopehunter website is a very good source for finding slopes throughout the UK but particularly so for Sussex and the South of England.

A little bit of gliding history