August 13th Power Competition

The object of the competition is the Triple Thrash –  three touch and goes, three loops, three rolls, one touch and go and land. Time will be taken from takeoff to landing, however, on the day it was very windy with winds gusting to over 20 MPH and after a short discussion it was decided to remove the Touch and Goes altogether replacing them with three spins. This competition sounds quite easy but it turned out not to be the case as on a number of occasions there were some very interesting manoeuvres. Person with shortest time being the winner.


Takeoff, Touch and goes and Landing must be within the grass area defined by the electric fence.

Who Time (seconds) Position
Pim Smith 26.53 1
Neil Harber 27.40 2
Chris Foss 28.26 3
John Ivory 30.57 4
Clive Upperton 33.57 5
Keith Miles 42.53 6

Winner being Pim Smith and was presented with a prize of biscuits.