Ashurst glide

Friday saw a members flying our electric and bungee launched thermal soarers for some relaxed flying at our site near Ashurst in glorious weather. The wind was slight at ground level but surprisingly strong higher up but we all had a great time for some four hours.


The Great Planes Spirit was the only bungee launched glider flying off the bungee and as can be seen in the above photo the spoilers were flapping around a little on launch but fun was had.

The largest glider in the photo above is Mark’s Robbie Calima at over 4m wingspan with his Mama 4 in front from Vladimir Models in the Ukraine. The model with the blue outer wing sections below is a hybrid model with a pod and boom fuselage married with a Topmodel CZ Prelude wing – a good combination in light winds.

Robin’s NAN Xplorer in the foreground with his NAN Omega beyond it. The Xplorer is a few years old and not the latest all carbon job but still a good glider, the Omega is out of production but goes well especially in windy conditions.

Above is George’s Filip 600.

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