SRFC Glider Competitions

SRFC 2019 Gliding Competitions

Note from the SRFC Glider Rep.

The mid-week competitions will take place as last year on a Thursday afternoon starting at 13:00 for an hour at Coombes, the weekend competitions will take place once per month at Ashurst starting at 11:00 finishing at 15:00 approximately on a Sunday.

Last year I introduced a second class in both competitions, namely <=2.5m and an Open class. The Open class didn’t get much support at the mid-week competitions so unless I have some requests to continue with it I shall restrict the competition to <=2.5m. If you want the Open class please please contact me.

The weekend competitions were supported in both Open and <=2.5m classes so I plan to run both of those.

The Sundays at Ashurst were quite relaxed and given the time we also played with/flew gliders off a bungee, which I hope to do again this year.

The June date at Ashurst I plan to turn into a fun-day, my thoughts are as follows:
1. I’ll take the club trainer so that anyone interested can come and have a go
2. Flying off a bungee
3. Competitions if desired though limited number of rounds
4. General glider flying time

APRIL 11th,   25th 28th
MAY 9th,   23rd 19th
JUNE 6th,   20th 23rd
JULY 4th,   18th 28th
AUGUST 1st,   15th,   29th 25th
SEPTEMBER 12th,   26th 22nd